I am a photographer, writer, and nature enthusiast. I enjoy the outdoors - mountains, beaches, and national parks - and animals.

Hummingbirds: The photographs were taken in my garden where mother hummingbirds nested and raised their young.

Butterflies and Critters: The photographs of the butterflies and squirrel were taken in my garden. The monarch butterflies on the daisies are butterflies I had raised from the caterpillar egg stage.

Gulls and Shorebirds: The photographs of gulls and sandpipers were taken at Pismo Beach. 

Rescued Animals and Birds: The photographs were taken at the Big Bear Alpine Zoo, which rehabilitates animals. The animals in the zoo cannot return to the wild. Check out the mountain lion with titanium teeth!

Children's Picture Book: One year, a mother hummingbird built a nest in my garden and laid two eggs. After the first egg hatched, I took pictures each day to document the growth of the baby hummingbird and interactions between the baby and mother. The photographs inspired the story of Little Jewel's Remarkable Journey.

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2019: City of Placentia Photography Contest: Masters Division: Best Photo - Nature: "Bluebird Visit"

2014: Big Bear Alpine Zoo Calendar Photography Contest: Amateur First Place: "Majestic Alaska," Second Place: "Cowboy," and Third Place: "Titanium Teeth."